The world is Mar. Magic is fairly widespread but not common because it requires much research and training. Besides two large Human kingdoms, most nations are rather small and scattered. The world is littered with ruins and artifacts from large forgotten wars of the past.

The region is dominated by two formerly warring Human kingdoms with an uneasy cease fire, Bellor (North) and Murgon (South). They are to the north and south of a big sea and meet to the east where there is a band of declared neutral territory. There are also nearby minor Dwarven and Elven kingdoms and lesser Halfling and Gnome realms surrounding these two kingdoms. Both Human kingdoms are fairly multiracial, though Bellor is more Elven while Murgon favors Dwarves, Halfings, and Gnomes. Bellor is driven by the pursuit of magic and knowledge while Murgon is more technologically-driven, also seeking out magical artifacts to increase its power.

The heroes come into the story as convicted felons all awaiting the death sentence in Murgon. Captain Stamos offers them a chance to escape their fate and recruits them as Corsairs, mercenaries who can work above the law but only report to Stamos unofficially. He will disown them and renew their death sentence if they ever betray him or are captured by foreign agents. With their new freedom, the heroes are given their first mission by Stamos…